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The Demon Strength and Conditioning program is going strong and if you are an athlete now is the time to get into the weight room.  New weight room coordinator, Dan LaRocco, has worked with many of our sport coaches to develop our current system.  If you and your teammates want to win SWC titles, it must start with strength and conditioning!  This program is not only lifting weights, but also explosiveness and speed work along with flexibility and agility!  Whether you are in season or out of season, you as a Demon athlete must make the weight room and conditioning a way of life!

The Demon Strength and Conditioning program is available for any athlete.  The only stipulation is that the athlete will follow the prescribed workouts for that day.  Any athlete that chooses not to follow the workout will be asked to leave the weight room.  This is for the safety of all athletes and efficiency of weight room coordination.  Demon Athletes and coaches also have access to the PLT4M application which tracks workouts and shows the athlete their progress.  It is a useful tool for both coaches and athletes.  If your team is not currently using the app, see Coach LaRocco.

Any questions regarding the Demon Strength and Conditioning program should be directed to Coach LaRocco at


January/February Demon Strength and Conditioning Schedule

Demon Strength 2019_Jan Feb Calendar