Demons News · The Demon Code (#TDC) Our Core Values

As we went through last week day by day introducing our Core Values as part of The Demon Code, we went over these with those in attendance last evening at the OHSAA meeting held at 7 pm Sunday night.  The following is a summary of The Demon Code:

EFFORT-We will give 100% effort in everything we do, in both sport and school.

MASTERY-We will strive for athletic excellence through repetitive practice, deliberate study and physical conditioning.

DISCIPLINE-We will timely attend team sessions and heed the details.

SELFLESSNESS-We will support each other at all times.  “We” before “me.”

RESILIENCE-We will adopt a growth mindset and learn from our failures.

RESPECT-We will respect ALL staff, teammates, opponents, and officials.  We will take care of all resources provided to us, such as locker rooms and gear.

COMPETITION-We will approach every game with focus and intensity, with an eye toward winning while upholding our core values.

FUN-We will live in the now, enjoy the experience, and see the greater value in sports.

PRIDE-We will honor Westlake Athletics while wearing the Green and White, and carry the Demon tradition with us after passing the torch.


“”Whether in the wake of a zero-win season, a narrow championship game loss,

or even amid championship euphoria, the goal for every player, coach and parent should be that nobody wants the season to end.”