Multiple Teams · Boys Basketball Player Profile – Ray Ellington

Westlake Basketball Player Profile

Name: Ray Ellington

Grade: 10

Grade School: Dover

Jersey # : 22

Other Extracurriculars/Activities: N/A

If you were stranded on an abandoned island and could only bring one thing (this island doesn’t have cell service), what would it be: A basketball

Favorite TV show and why: Spongebob because it’s a really cool and funny show

Favorite college or pro sports team and why: Miami University (Fl.) because my dad could have gone there for baseball and my favorite sports team is the Cavs because they are in Cleveland.

The job I want when I grow up: Police officer

If I could have one superpower what would it be and why? Invisibility because then people couldn’t see me and that would be cool.

Best class I’ve taken at Westlake and why: TV Production, it is a really fun class.