Girls Junior Varsity Lacrosse, Girls Varsity Lacrosse · Senior Spring Sport Spotlights: Molly Smith, Lacrosse


Name:                                                             Molly Smith

Sport:                                                              Lacrosse

College of Choice:                                     University of Dayton

Major in College:                                       Accounting

Other Activities While at WHS:        Gymnastics, Business Club, National Honors Society, Peet Tutor

Favorite Teachers:                                    Ms. Xenos

Favorite Memories of WHS:              Winning at Mentors senior night even though they are tough competitors we                                                                              really came together as a team and rocked it.

Special Thank You’s:                             My teammates for welcoming me on the team as a sophomore and becoming                                                                              my family. My mom and dad for supporting my decision to try a new sport.                                                                                 My coaches for working hard to balance their jobs and our practices/games.

Message to Underclassmen:               Girls that play lacrosse are sick so make them your best friends and go out                                                                                   and show em who’s boss on the field.

Favorite Movie:                                          Superbad

Favorite Food:                                            Fruit