Boys Varsity Track · Senior Spring Sport Spotlights: Abuda Mustafa, Track and Field


Name:                                                             Abuda Mustafa

Sport:                                                             Track and Field

College of Choice:                                   Undecided

Major in College:                                     Construction Engineering

Other Activities While at WHS:        Choir and Drama Club

Favorite Teachers:                                 Mr. Roth/ Mrs. Hasenohrl/ Mrs. Clark/ Mr. Wilson.

Favorite Memories of WHS:            My favorite memory of the highschool would be everyday walking through the hallways and every staff member and teacher knew me so I would have easy 15-30 different conversations a day. I’m gonna miss that the most. Especially my conversations with Mr. Roth he is definitely one of a kind!

Special Thank You’s:                           I wanna give a special thank you to Mr. Roth because I can say no doubt in my mind if I didn’t have him as a teacher I wouldn’t be able to graduate. Mr. Roth is is one of a kind teacher he has taught me so much he isn’t just a teacher he is more than that to more students than he can count and I am one of them he’s the guy you could talk to if you ever had a problem at school or at home he’s the guy that if you ever needed anything and I mean anything he either has it or will get it for you. Basically what I’m trying to say is that if you never had the chance to get to know Mr. Roth or have him as a teacher it is 110% your loss he is a man that I will remember for my entire life. Also I would like to thank Mrs. Hasenohrl I’ve never met a lady so pure and kind she is the best lady I know she always puts her students before herself and always make sure that everyone is ok and nothing is going on outside of school or inside of school her and Mr. Roth are my school mom and dad.

Message to Underclassmen:           My message to the underclassmen would be enjoy high school while it lasts because people always say “it’s for years it’s a lot of time” but it’s the fastest four years I’ve ever been through yes there’s ups and downs but the relationships with teachers and friends that you build in those four years are relationships that you will have forever so until that very second that your name gets called on your guys graduation ceremony do not have any regrets or grudges with anybody any person or any teacher. Leave the high school after four years with bonds with friends that you can say you have that a lot of people don’t. But most importantly enjoy high school Don’t make it a super serious thing where you leave and hated your high school, high school is not supposed to be hated. So live your life’s with no regrets and enjoy it while it lasts.

Favorite Movie:                                       Don’t Mess with the Zohan

Favorite Food:                                         Steak