Demons News · They ARE BAAACK! Order your Customized Demon Masks by July 19th/Receive by First Week in August!

Due to popular demand we will be offering customized Demon Masks once again!

Amid the Coronavirus outbreak, it has been established that face coverings may be a necessity.  In this store for your convenience we are offering Performance Activity Masks, these are available one-at-a-time and also in “family-packs” of 10, along with 3-Ply Masks, available in “family 5-packs.”  We have done our best to offer these products to the Westlake community at prices that are well below what you will find at local sporting goods stores.


All orders will be shipped directly to each home approximately 10-15 days after the store closes.  Inventories on these products are moving fast, and we will keep you informed if there becomes a shortage.  There are no returns on these products.  This store closes Sunday, July 19th.


If you’re going to wear a face covering, you might as well look good while showing some school pride!  Proceeds from all sales will be delivered to the All Clear Foundation supporting First Responders (


Here is the website link to order: